Why Need Travel Insurance?

Stepping outside your home territory leaves you vulnerable to unforeseen incidents and attacks, increased costs and medical expenses, and, losses you cannot afford to bear. Whether you’re traveling for exploration, or work or just hopping on a plane to visit your family residing across the ocean, a travel insurance cover is a strong protection blanket that ensures you’re safe and secure, even when you’re far away from home.

Benefits Of International Travel Insurance

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Shariah-based plans based on takaful and waqf sharing.

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Hajj-e-Badal Benefit

Full monetary sponsorship for your nominee to perform Hajj in your stead (emergency situations).

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Kafalat Benefit

Monthly income stipend for the insured’s family in case of their unforeseen death during the pilgrimage. 

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Guaranteed Savings

A travel + savings plan with a guaranteed sum on maturity. 

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Bonus Allocations

Bonus allocations of up to 50% of the total premium from 4th year onward.

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24/7 Assistance

Convenient claims process abroad and 24/7 assistance offered no matter where you are.


Personal Accident Cover

personal accident cover

Hospitalization Abroad 
All your medical and hospitalization expenses abroad are covered. 

Emergency Dental Cover
Full dental review and treatment coverage. 

Medicine Delivery & Information Services
Medicines and diagnosis delivered to you wherever you are.

Loss Recovery

Loss of Valuables
Reimbursement for loss of valuables like credit cards, passport, ticket and other documents. 

Delayed Departure & Trip Cancellation
Get a select percentage of your money back in case of delays and trip cancellations. 

In-Flight Baggage
Full reimbursement for loss of luggage.

loss recovery

Emergency Coverage

emergency coverage

Emergency Return Home: Full expenses coverage for your return home in case of a legitimate emergency. 

Repatriation Coverage: Full expenses, hospital and repatriation coverage in case of unforeseen death of the policyholder or a traveling companion. 

Emergency Funds Coverage: Reimbursement of a select cash amount in case of theft or loss.

Additional Information

Takaful Plans: Takaful plans come with a risk-involved, surplus sharing model. As it is, your surplus and accrued savings depend on the returns of your chosen investment fund. These policies also take longer terms. If you plan to save for Hajj/Umrah or another pilgrimage over time, takaful plans are better for you. However, if you’re already all booked and ready for your journey, a short-duration travel insurance cover will be much more beneficial. 

Waiting Period: Don’t wait too long to get your insurance. Select one as soon as your travel plans are confirmed. The sooner you buy the more coverage you get. 

Individual vs Family: If you’re traveling with a companion or family, it’s better to get a group travel insurance that provides comprehensive coverage to each member of your family. Coverage can be taken for a spouse, and 4 children. 

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