Why Need Travel Insurance?

Why do you need domestic travel insurance? Simple. Because anything can happen at any time and a great insurance plan throws the risk out of the window so you can focus on enjoying your trip, trying bold new things, making memories and forging solid bonds. Not having to worry about additional finances, costs, hospital bills and other losses just make the trip even more memorable.

Here are the major benefits of our domestic travel insurance plans provide:

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability Coverage: Unforeseen accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. With an accidental death or disability rider, the insurance company provides full, promised coverage to your family so they’re financially backed during these worse times, the company also takes care of your premiums, any costs incurred on your trip abroad and your return to your homeland.

Burial or Repatriation Access: Taking care of your burial or repatriation costs can be extremely taxing. With the insurance company doing all the work, you can at least have the comfort of knowing that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Cash And Luggage Loss Coverage: Losing cash/luggage or important accessories or material assets like your passport while you’re away from home can be hard-hitting. If that ever happens to you, you can rest with the surety that the insurance company will take care of all the legalities and take the hit in your stead by covering for the sum you’ve lost.

Hospitalization Coverage: This rider takes care of all your hospital bills, so you don’t have to worry about getting an immediate sum of cash to pay for your medical bills.

Cancelled Flights Or Late Departure Coverage: The insurance company covers a percentage of your loss for cancelled or missed flights, delayed departures, luggage arrival, or emergency bookings.

The coverage is only for AIR TRIPS.

Additional Information

Types of Travel Insurances: Depending on your requirement for travel, you can choose between (1) one-trip travel insurance: only covers one travel duration or (2) annual travel insurance: annual coverage suitable for people who take a lot of trips throughout the year.

Waiting Period: Don’t wait too long to get your travel insurance. Select one as soon as your travel plans are confirmed. The sooner you buy the more coverage you get.

Indvidiual vs Family: If you’re traveling with a companion or family, it’s better to get a group travel insurance that provides comprehensive coverage to each member of your family. Coverage can be taken for a spouse, and 4 children.