Pak Qatar Takaful is the first and largest family/general takaful company in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s pioneering progressive and shariah-compliant insurance company providing insurance solutions to the common public since 2007. The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and all of its products and services are mandated and approved by a highly qualified Shariah Advisory Board. The company is rated A+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co Limited and Pakistan Credit Rating Agency. And has the highest paid-up capital in the industry, sitting at PKR 1.3 billion.

Pak Qatar has strategic alliances with other insurance boards and companies abroad. Its shareholders include some of the strongest international financial institutions including Qatar Islamic Insurance Company, Qatar International Islamic Bank and FWU AG, A leading Munich based insurance company. The company also has one of the largest takaful branch networks across Pakistan with over 70+ branches in 60 cities.

Best Insurance Plans Guaranteed

Great endowment - life insurance

Pakistan’s Largest Takaful Group

The pioneering Islamic Insurance Group of Pakistan.

Whole Life Insurance

Shariah-Compliant Comprehensive Coverage

All plans are endorsed and approved by a board of Shariah Advisors.

Fast Claims

Advanced Online Insurance Facilities

Convenient and hassle-free online portals and payment methods.

Online Portal

Diverse Investment Options

Get income benefit assurity with plans that care for you long after you’ve stopped earning.

Withdrawal Plans

High-Performing Capital Growth Funds

Some of the most profitable and high-performing funds in the business.

Additional Riders

Different Premium Variants for Affordability

Different price points for the same plan so every income bracket can participate.

Multiple Benefits Savings Plan

whole life plans

Flexible Investment Options

Different investment options including low risk/steady growth and high risk/high return funds. 

No Withdrawal or Cancellation Fee

Withdraw cash value at no extra cost or cancel your policy within the first 14 days.  

Full Coverage for All Your Needs

Coverage for everything including buying a new house, pilgrimage, family vacations and retirement plans. 

Multiple Education Plans

Full Term Tuition Coverage

From school to college, complete coverage for your child’s education tenure. 

Monthly Income Options

Monthly or yearly income stipends to cover your child’s necessary needs and education in case the policyholder passes away. 

Flexible Premiums

Pay your premiums according to your own schedule. 

Education plans

High Coverage Protection Plans

High coverage plans

Secure Income and Salary Package

Get up to 10 years of salary replacement. 

Waiver of Contribution and Allowance

Get a waiver of contribution and healthcare allowance in case of death or disability. 

Whole Family Plans

Complete, affordable protection for the whole family unit.

How Do Pak Qatar Takaful’s Policies Work?

While Pak Qatar Takaful uses the Islamic insurance method, most policies are based on the unit-link method to calculate and divide your returns. This means your premium is allocated to an investment fund. Every time you pay a premium, the company buys ‘units’ in an investment fund of your choice and these units keep on accumulating until your policy matures. 

Here’s how it works.


The company collects all your data (including assets, health score, income bracket, loans, medical history, etc) and assigns you protection multiple to take out the minimum yearly premium you need to pay to get your sum assured.


Once you start paying the premiums the company deducts commission, administration, and unit allocation charges and invests the rest of your money into the investment fund by buying units.


With each passing year, your cash value (the networth of your investments) accumulates and your policy becomes even more profitable.


Your policy reaches a certain number of years. Now your policy is maturing, and accumulating additional bonuses based on the age of the policy. The older it grows, the more profitable it becomes.


For policies that come with surrender value, you can choose to withdraw your sum assured after x number of years. In case your cash value has exceeded your sum assured, you can sell all the units you brought over the years through the policy and claim your cash value.


Congratulations! Your policy has now matured. Once you’ve successfully reached the end of your policy you’re ready to reap the benefits. You can now claim a string of completion bonuses and the sum assured you were guaranteed or the cash value you’ve accumulated.

Available Benefits with these policies

  • Waiver of premium: this means if you suffer a disability during the tenure of your policy and have lost your source of income, the company will pay your premiums until the policy matures or until you reach a certain age. 
  • Death Benefit: If you die in the middle of your policy, or in certain cases after it ends, your beneficiaries will receive a certain sum assured. 
  • Inflation Safety: Your premium and sum assured amounts are increased every year to combat inflation. 
  • Withdrawals: You can also withdraw money from your funds. Usually, the companies set a limit of the amount and the times you can withdraw the amount. These withdrawals also reduce your cash value back.
  • Surrender Value: You can quit investing in your premium/policies after having paid your premiums for 3 or 3+ years (can vary from company to company), get an evaluation of your cash value worth and then get the money if you don’t feel like proceeding, need the money urgently or do not have enough money to pay your premiums anymore.