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For the most accurate quotes, you need to know a few things: your health history, assets value, income bracket, household members and expenses. This will help the insurance company create a plan fit for you.

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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a way to transfer your financial risks to the insurance company in exchange for a price. This price is called a ‘premium’.

Here’s how it works:


Decide The ‘Sum Assured’

Your ‘sum assured’ is the amount of money you or your beneficiary is guaranteed to get if the insured event occurs. For example: Bilal takes out a life insurance policy for ‘500,000’. According to the terms, this is what his beneficiary (chosen candidate who will receive the amount) will get if or when Bilal passes away. Most people calculate their sum assured based on how much financial backing their family will require after them. One way to calculate your estimated sum assured is to multiply your yearly income by 10.


Pick A Policy That Suits You

A whole life insurance policy is, as the name suggests, for life. This means when you die, your beneficiary is guaranteed to get the sum decided between the insurer and insured. A term policy is for a fixed number of years. Which means the company gives you a cover for ‘x’ number of years before your policy ‘matures’ or ‘expires’. Term policies that expire after a few years are cheaper compared to whole life policies.


Start Paying The Premium

Once you’ve decided your policy and the sum assured, the company allots you a premium. This is the price you pay for the cover. Premiums can be paid annually, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly. For example: Bilal will pay a premium of PKR 25,000 every year in exchange for the sum assured he has chosen for him or his beneficiaries to receive.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Young Homemakers
Life comes with no guarantees. But, insurance does. Take care of your parents, and plan important events in your life like marriage, children, starting a new business or planning for a comfortable retirement knowing we have your back. The right insurance policy will secure your future and help you live a financially risk free life.

Your children deserve the best! Whole life insurance and endowment policies are designed to give your family the solid, financial backing it needs to thrive with or without you. Help your children go to the best schools and colleges in the world with a great endowment fund or plan the most beautiful wedding day for your daughter with a savings plan. With the right insurance plan you can make every milestone in your child’s life special and well-taken care for.

Marriage is a big financial and emotional commitment. With a great insurance plan you’ll rest easy, knowing your spouse is financially well taken care of, no matter what problem arises.

Business Owners
Life insurance plans aren’t just about the ‘after’. A great insurance plan will not only provide you and your family with financial cover in case something fatal or severe happens but will also provide you with solid yearly returns as your policy matures. It’s the perfect cover and savings plan, all combined in one.

Additional Benefits of Life Insurance

  • Waiver of premium: If you suffer a disability during the tenure of your policy and have lost your source of income, the company will pay your premiums until the policy matures or until you reach a certain age.
  • Death Benefit: If you die in the middle of your policy, or in certain cases after it ends, your beneficiaries will receive a certain sum assured.
  • Inflation Safety: Your premium and sum assured amounts are increased every year to combat inflation.
  • Shariah Compliant Plans: Get takaful plans that follow the Islamic teachings and are approved by a board of members consisting of highly qualified religious scholars.
  • Getting Bonuses: Insurance companies reward you with bonuses if you pay your premiums for a certain amount of years.
  • Health Cover: Insurance riders (additional policy benefits) cover your health and medical bills for you.