The company began its business on June 20, 1996. Jubilee Life Insurance is Pakistan’s most profitable Private Insurance Organization. The company sells various life insurance, takaful, and investment products and has an impressive range of financial solutions that cater to a varying, wide range of customer base. It also has one of the highest credit ratings in Pakistan with certificates of ‘AA+’ from IFS and a ‘stable’ outlook credit rating by JCR-VIS.

Jubilee also has one of the strongest takaful boards in the country with its products and services endorsed by a prestigious Shariah Advisory Board led by Mufti Zeeshan Abdul Aziz.

Best Insurance Plans Guaranteed

Great endowment - life insurance

Unit-Link Insurance

High-yield and steady capital growth investment plans for a secure and prosperous future.

Whole Life Insurance

Diverse Investment Portfolio Options

Take control of your investment profile by choosing the funds you want to invest in yourself.

Fast Claims

Full Coverage For the Less-Privileged

Comprehensive and affordable plans for rural and low-income families.

Online Portal

Inflation Safety

Additional supplements to combat inflation.

Withdrawal Plans

Loan Protection Add-ons

Easily acquire loans against your policy when in need.

Additional Riders

Women-centric Packages

Special coverage packages for women.


Wealth Accumulation

Design Your Own Investment Portfolio

Select from multiple investment funds and control your investment profiles. 

Options For All Income Brackets

High returns and steady growth options available for a wide range of salaried persons.

Withdrawal Flexibility

Partial or complete withdrawals allowance once your policy begins to mature.

Savings & Protection Plans

Protection & Full Expense Coverage Plans

Flexible, economical and high-return plans providing full death/accidents coverage for all family members with added benefits like funds for buying a new house, retirement, travel, etc. 

Education & Marriage Plans 

Comprehensive coverage for your child/children’s current education, college and marriage expenses. Waiver of premium and additional income support in case the parent passes away during the life of the policy.  

Combined Savings & Protection Plans

Plans that are part savings and part protection covers guarantee a sum assured at the end of the plan’s term. These plans also cover death, income gap, and other expenses in case the policyholder dies during the term of the policy. 

Saving insurance plans

Lower-Income Families Support

maturity Insurance

Affordable Premium Plans

Basic Necessities and death coverage plans for low-income and rural families with the low premium rates. 

Micro-Finance and Loan Opportunities

Finance and cash withdrawal options for farmers, shopkeepers and other low-income businesspersons.

Bonuses on Maturity 

Additional bonuses to be given alongside the sum assured and profits on maturity. 

Takaful Plans

Unit-linked saving plans 

The policies are based on the unit-linked method to provide you with an investment portfolio alongside the protection component. 

Shariah Compliant Plans 

All plans are approved and endorsed by an official board of Shariah advisors. 

Investment Portfolio Options

Choose the funds you want to invest in and share risks and profits with the rest of the shareholders. 

Takaful Insurance Plans

How Do Jubilee Life’s Policies Work?

Most Jubilee Life Policies use endowment and unit-link methods to calculate and divide your returns. This means your premium is allocated to an investment fund. Every time you pay a premium, the company buys ‘units’ in an investment fund of your choosing and these units keep on accumulating until your policy matures.

Here’s how it works.


The company collects all your data and assigns you protection multiple to take out the minimum yearly premium you need to pay to get your sum assured.


Once you start paying the premiums the company deducts commission, administration, and unit allocation charges and invests the rest of your money into the investment fund by buying units.


With each passing year, your cash value (the net worth of your investments) accumulates and your policy becomes even more profitable.


Your policy reaches a certain number of years. Now your policy is maturing, and accumulating additional bonuses based on the age of the policy. The older it grows, the more profitable it becomes.


For policies that come with surrender value, you can choose to withdraw your sum assured after x number of years (generally 2-3+ years). In case your cash value has exceeded your sum assured, you can sell all the units you brought over the years through the policy and claim your cash value.


Congratulations! Your policy has now matured. Once you’ve successfully reached the end of your policy you’re ready to reap the benefits. You can now claim a string of completion bonuses and the sum assured you were guaranteed or the cash value you’ve accumulated (if your cash value is more than the sum assured).

Available Benefits with these policies

  • Waiver of premium: this means if you suffer a disability during the tenure of your policy and have lost your source of income, the company will pay your premiums until the policy matures or until you reach a certain age. 
  • Death Benefit: If you die in the middle of your policy, or in certain cases after it ends, your beneficiaries will receive a certain sum assured. 
  • Inflation Safety: Your premium and sum assured amounts are increased every year to combat inflation. 
  • Withdrawals: You can also withdraw money from your funds. Usually, the companies set a limit of the amount and the times you can withdraw the amount. These withdrawals also reduce your cash value back.
  • Surrender Value: You can quit investing in your premium/policies after having paid your premiums for 3 or 3+ years (can vary from company to company), get an evaluation of your cash value worth and then get the money if you don’t feel like proceeding, need the money urgently or do not have enough money to pay your premiums anymore.