Why Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects the assets most valuable to you: your home and the valuable materials you’ve accumulated over a lifetime. 

Home insurance policies are guaranteed covers against acts of nature, malicious intents, damage, theft, and other unforeseen occurrences. In the case of a legitimate claim, the insurance company is liable to reimburse the total cost of damages incurred. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Fire and Explosions

Fire & Explosions

Causes include domestic appliances (geyser, stove), lightning, thunderbolts, earthquakes or other acts of nature.

break ins


Burglary and home invasions.



Damages due to strikes, riots, labor disturbances, malicious intents or acts of terrorism.

Aerial Devices

Aerial Devices

Damages due to aircraft, air attacks (explosives, heavy materials, etc) and other aerial devices. 

underground pipes

UnderGround Pipes

Bursting or overflowing of underground sewerage pipes.


Floods & Typhoon

Damages caused due to floods and Typhoons.

Road Vehicles

Road Vehicles

Property damage due to vehicles.

Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover

Home insurance policies also provide personal accident cover to financially protect you against unforeseen accidents and casualties.

Loss of Rent

Loss of Rent

In case of loss of rent, the company pays the rent on your behalf.

Protect Your Valuables

Protect your valuables

Limit Upto PKR 100,000
Cover for your jewelry, valuables and other items when they’re at home, in transit or in a safe account. 

Cash Reimbursement
Cover of up to PKR 100,000 for cash on person. 

Protection Against Robbery
Protected against theft with a ‘worn and robbed anywhere’ clause.

Personal Covers

Your Building & the Contents
Cover to protect both your building and all the valuables inside. This includes rent cash value as well. 

Additional cover to protect your domestic help, employees and other third parties. Any damages suffered will be compensated by the insurance company. 

Enhancement of Limits
Enhancement for personal accident, jewellery and contents limits to give you extended coverage.

personal cover

How Does Home Insurance Work?

Home Insurance uses a few basic rules. Here’s how the chain goes.


You add up the total value of all the contents you want to insure. In this case, the price value of your house or building, the total cash value of all your itineraries (contents including jewelry, homeware, furniture, other important items). Once you’ve calculated the total worth of everything you want to insure, you contact the insurance company and quote the total cover you require. This is your sum assured.


The insurance company then runs a quick assessment and double checks all your claims. A few factors count here. What neighborhood you live in, what are the chances of a natural calamity or other casualty striking you or your household, what is the market value for your contents (in some cases). Once the insurance company is done with the assessment, it gives you an illustration.


Your sum assured also depends on the premium you pay. A larger sum assured requires a larger premium whereas a shorter sum assured requires a shorter premium. Once you’ve been allocated a desirable yearly/quarterly/monthly premium, your contract is locked into place.


The company also provides you an annual limit. This is the sum the company will cover for specific content (like jewelry, on person cash, building) in a year. You can get your annual limit increased depending on your requirements.


You start paying yearly premiums now. As your policy matures the insurance company allocates your bonuses (depending on the policy) for staying loyal to your policy. If the policy matures without any claim being made, and the contract states you’ll receive a sum assured at the end of the contract, the insurance company pays you a maturity sum along with bonuses


In case your property suffers any damage before the insurance cover is open, the company is liable to pay you the sum assured decided, or in other cases, replace everything that was lost due to the damage.

Additional Information

  • Calculate The Sum Assured Needed: It’s important to gauge the right market value of every content you get insured. If you give a wrong estimate to the company, you’ll get under-insured and will have to pay additional money to replace your lost or damaged items. 
  • Make a video: Make a video of every item in your house or building and save it on a cloud or somewhere safe. This way you’ll remember everything you need to replace and the video will help the insurance company.