Why Get HealthCare Insurance?

Sudden illnesses and diagnosis can blindside you. Here’s the average cost of a major surgery: 

Heart Bypass: 500, 000
Angioplasty: 450, 000
Cancer: 300, 000 

Hospital bills drain the staunchest of savers. This is why you need good health insurance. A health insurance policy is a guarantee. A comprehensive cover that covers all your hospital expenses, ensures you get the best doctors and medical treatment, and provides for your diagnostic and other medical expenses once you’ve left the hospital. 

What is Corporate HealthCare?

Corporate healthcare insurance is taken out by the head of an organization for his/her employees to aid them financially in case of any medical emergency. It’s an attractive benefit that most companies now provide to their employees. Under a corporate healthcare coverage plan, you essentially take out a group insurance for an ‘n’ number of employees. Each plan can vary and you can provide a different set of coverage to each employee depending on their designation and importance to the company.

Best Health Insurance Plans

Great endowment - life insurance

Six Different Plans

Choose between six different plans depending on the designation of your employees.

Whole Life Insurance

Customized Plans Available

Customize plans based on the organization’s hierarchy, designation of your employees, and other requirements (for larger groups)

Fast Claims

Additional Annual Limits Available

Increase or set an annual limit for each individual employee as you see fit.

Online Portal

Hospitalization Expenses Coverage

All hospital expenses including doctor/surgeon fee, supplies and medication are covered.

Withdrawal Plans

In-Depth Medical Review

Get the best physicians in the world to review your medical reports and provide a sound diagnosis.

Additional Riders

Credit Limit System

Your employees just need to show their health card to receive instant care and treatment. Zero payments involved (in-network hospitals only).

Integrated HealthCare System

integrated healthcare system

Strong Hospital Network

A carefully selected, top-quality network of the best hospitals in the country. Over 170+ hospitals covered. 

Discounts Available For Out-Patient Consultation

Full coverage for medical investigations and consultation charges for out-patients (patients who are not hospitalized). 

Intuitive Web Portal

Track your employees’ claims, insurance status and other details online. No personal enquiries required. 

Extreme Coverage

DayCare Surgeries

Charges covered for treatments that don’t require the patient to stay overnight at the hospital including angioplasty, endoscopy, dialysis etc. 

Organ Transplant

All medical expenses for organ transplant are covered. 

Ventilation and Allied Services

Full coverage for ventilation and other critical medical procedures and special equipment.

Day Care Treatment

In & Out Hospital Coverage

extra coverage healthcare

Operation Theatre Charges

All operation theatre charges including medications, masks, equipment and anesthesia charges are covered. 

Intensive Unit Care

ICU/CCU and other medical ailments requiring intensive care are part of the insurance plan. 

Out-Hospital Coverage

Full cover for all medical expenses, tests and diagnostic requirements for upto 30 days after the insured patient has been discharged from the hospital. 

Additional Information

Here are some additional pointers to help you make a solid and well-informed decision. 

  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum Options: Most Healthcare insurance policies come with 3 tiers. Each tier is priced differently. Silver plans come with the lowest premium and offer less coverage while Platinum Plans come with higher premiums and offer more coverage.
    Protip: Discuss all your needs and requirements with an agent thoroughly before choosing your plan.
  • Age Restrictions: The plans insure people up to the age of 59 years. For family healthcare plans the starting age limit for the youngest family member insured is 90 days.
  • Government Taxes:Most price illustrations listed are government tax inclusive. In any case, always check with the insurance company before signing on the dotted line.
  • Increase Annual Limit When You Want:Your ‘annual limit’ is the amount of coverage (PKR) you get. For example, someone with an annual limit of PKR 350, 000 will get coverage for medical expenses of up to PKR 350, 000 for that year. Any expense above that will have to be covered by the policyholder himself. Luckily, the policyholder can choose to set a higher annual limit for greater protection at any given time during the life of the policy.
  • Maturity Benefit: If your policy completes 2+ years with zero claims being made the company increases your annual limit by 10% without any additional charges involved.